03 February 2014

Soup Riddle

This morning the sky is a fresh white and there is s snowy sleet on the ground. These are my favorite winter days because I know that Lucia and I will most likely be home from school tomorrow and I am giddy over the prospect of taking all the vegetables in the fridge and throwing them together in a huge pot of soup. A soup that everyone will eat because, hey -- there is nothing else in the house to eat and hell, it is cold outside, so we are supposed to eat soup anyway.

So soup it is.

I will stress over the consistency of it -- either it will be too thick and porridge like or it will be too thin and soup-like. It will be quite the conundrum. I will also talk to myself while pouring the soup into the blender to blend it all up, promising that one day I will just get an immersion blender and next time the soup will not be so bloody difficult to make. It's soup for God's sake. I will think of my friend, Sasha, who has watched me make soup, because I make it for everyone because it is just what I do, I make soup. I will even hear her saying, "why don't you just get an immersion blender, they only cost thirty dollars, Sarah." Except next year will come and I will have the same conversation with myself and I will hear her saying the same damn thing in my head all over again, just like she said three years ago.

And some winters eve next year, I will host a soup party with an extra special array of fancy soup garnishes, because - hey - I make soup and I make it pretty -- and  I will have to use the blender twice as many times because so many people are coming over for the soup that I will have doubled the recipe that I made up in my head. And there, in that moment, again, I will curse myself for having to transfer all the soup into the blender and back again to the pot. The steam will burn my hands and if I do not hold the lid tight enough on top of the blender, bits of soup porridge will splatter the wall. And then it will be over and I will clean the blender up and not think about it again until the next soup day comes along --  because it is below freezing outside -- and I have extra carrots on hand.

When I finally get the soup on the table, I will ask Matt a thousand times if it is good, "Is it delicous? Is it good enough? Do you need something else with it? Do you feel like it is hearty? Too thick? Should I have added more broth? It is more like mashed potatoes than soup, isn't it?" And he will try to have all the right answers and be just dodgy enough with the wrong answers that he can sway my mind back to the middle. But I will fret and stew some more. Then I will promise grilled cheeses with the next batch because everyone likes grilled cheese with their soup and maybe it will be tomato -- I have a really great homemade tomato soup recipe that I have been wanting to try -- because won't that be good, Matt? Homemade tomato soup with grilled cheese? We will definitely have to try that. I have never made my own tomato soup before and I wonder how it would turn out -- most definitely, at least better than a can of tomato soup. Right, Matt?

Where is Lucia? She needs to try my damn soup. And someone please pass the salt.

10 December 2013

Here lately

Lucia and I have been home for an early holiday - iced in our house! We have escaped a few times, ventured to The Rink - our favorite vintage mall, she's played in the snow with her dad, and we have had coffee and biscuits at Ingrid's - another of our favorite OKC locales. My favorite thing, however, has been the evenings inside, bundled up and watching White Christmas - over and over again. We have also had our fair share of viewing The Rockettes Christmas via Netflix. Well, let's be clear, I watch the Rockettes, Lucia dances along with them. This am we have made smoothies and this afternoon we are trying our hand at some Christmas baking. xoxoxo

Best days ever.

11 September 2013

Lucia Lately: Almost Four Years

"You silly"
What does "quit" mean? 
Well then, I quit eating carrots, they are for bunnies anyway. And I am not a bunny, right?

26 May 2013

On a Sunday

Father John Misty's vinyl humming in the background; I at the stove with brussels sprouts sizzling and Matt and Lucia on the patio grilling burgers - with the occasional plea for supplies: buns, cheese, hey, could you bring me a serving platter in a few minutes?  These requests to me in-between spouting fatherly reminders to Chee - mind your pretty blue dress, if you want to play in the dirt,  at least disrobe before running a muck!

Lucia asking to watch Aristocats eight different times over the course of dinner. The two of us finally convincing her that our company is more favorable. And she, finally giving in, and dancing to Daft Punk while we cleared the dishes from the table.

Not long after, she was sneaking away to play dress up in her room, only coming out on occasion to model an outfit change. The girl and her unmatched ability to create - skirts over her head, one shoulder exposed, layered beneath it another skirt of bright colors; ribbons draped in various ways; and always a different stuffed animal at her side.

Then the quiet night settling in over us - a blanket of Oklahoma heat.
Teeth brushing, strawberry face scrubbing.
Soon to say goodnight.
Counting our blessings one by one. 

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